I make a lot of things.

Greg Leuch is a creative product designer & developer, specializing in user interface design, usability, front-end development. He has worked on a variety of projects in the past, large and small, with emphasis on web startups and e-commerce. He was previously Senior Designer at BuzzFeed and Director of Research & Development at Rocketboom, working on such projects like Know Your Meme and Magma. He was also a virtual research fellow of Free Art and Technology Lab (F.A.T. Lab) and a freelance creative with JESS3.

Presently, Greg is Head That Wears Many Hats (Product) at betaworks, a startup studio & incubator. He is also the co-owner of XOlator, a creative engagement team.

He is currently exploring bots, chat interfaces, thin media clients, augmeted reality, and creative applications.

Greg currently resides in Brooklyn, NY.

Major Exhibitions

F.A.T. Gold, Gray Area. San Francisco, May 2015.
"Eyebeam Annual Showcase," Eyebeam. NYC, Jan 2014.
"F.A.T. GOLD EUROPE," MU. Eindhoven, Netherlands, Nov 2013.
"F.A.T. GOLD: Five Years of Free Art & Technology," Eyebeam. NYC, Apr 2013.
"C.R.E.A.M.," Art Micro-Patronage. Internet, Apr 2012.
"Distributed Collectives," Little Berlin. Philadelphia, Aug 2011.
"Futurity Now!," transmediale.10. Berlin, Germany, Feb 2010.
"Community Collaborations Invitational Exhibition," Coleman Arts Center. York, Alabama, Jul 2008.

Residencies, Presentations, Discussions, & Panels

Residency, Eyebeam, 2013. [Link]
Artist Talk on Art Micro Patronage. uStream, Apr 2012. [Watch]
"The 'AH HA!' Moment - Ideas, Research, and Creative Output," Wuhan University, China. Nov 2011. [Slides]
"The Behavior Gap Between Companies and People," RESPECT THE INTERNET. Dec 2010.
"Shaved Bieber," Ignite NYC. Jun 2010. [Watch]

Awards, Highlights, & Distinctions

What Color Is My Internet? (book), 2015. [Purchase Book]
Interactive Award – Social, Communication Arts, 2013. [Source]
"11 Net Artists You Should Know," Flavorpill, 2012. [Source]
An "all-round viral heavyweight". [Source]
"Shaved Bieber," 2010 Urlies Peoples' Choice Award, Urlesque. 2010.
Labeled a "Web Boffin" by The Guardian. 2010. [Source]
"Superfluous Mention in Everything I Write," Helen A.S Popkin Journalism Award. 2010.

Cease and Desist Letters (C&Ds)

Google, 2013. [Documentation]
CMG Worldwide (I ♥ NY™), 2011.